America’s First Green Recession

Truer words were never spoken. This whole article sums up our silliness precisely. It is wholly disingenuous for the legislators to try and put the blame for our gas price woes on the backs of the oil companies. The reason for it is US! We have been electing the idiots that have us boxed in by regulations and that have seated activist federal judges.

It comes from years of proselytizing and propagandizing in our schools by the environmental nazis. They have convinced the kids (who are now the grown-ups) that the worst thing you can do is harm the earth. As a retired pastor friend of mine puts it, “the ten commandments have been replaced by one – Thou shalt do no harm to the environment”. Now all their Manchurian Candidates respond by being shamed into submission when their handlers proclaim an environmental emergency.

Thanks to China Confidential for this well put piece.


Well, WE won’t ignore it.

This article at is talking about a press conference at the National Press Club at which will be presented a petition signed by 31,000 scientists. These (real) scientists claim that there is no such thing as global warming or climate change. Horrors! Imagine that.

Read it. Then pass it on. We can make sure it gets some publicity.

AQ-Jihadists Admit Defeat in Iraq

I knew I had to post this article because you will never see it otherwise. Another indication that we have won is that the number of news items on the MSM news shows is down to almost nil. The same thing that happened in Afghanistan when we kicked the Taliban all the way back to Pakistan.

Way to go Marines! Semper Fi.

Attack Of The Killer Cornflakes

Well, talk about flakes. Small Dead Animals has an article about a report that was given to an environmental health conference (I would guess a UN conference. That’s usually where these useless reports are given).

The second part is an amazing admission by an enviro-whacko about the quality of the participants in a debate about global you-know-what.

To All My Friends…

To all my friends: Please read this article at Safehaven and heed what this man is saying. He speaks the truth. What we need to do;

1. Don’t take on any more debt.

2. Call or write your congress-critter and tell them not to support a mortgage bailout.

The people that have been seen crying on TV about how they are about to lose their home are right. They ARE about to lose their home. What you don’t see is that they will have to move from the mansion they live in now to a more downscale dwelling which they should have been satisfied with in the first place. Their timing was bad. They expected home prices to keep going up so they could bundle even more debt into their mortgage but when a bubble bursts someone always is left holding the bag. Suck it up and live with it but don’t expect the tax payers (us) to bail you out.