America’s First Green Recession

Truer words were never spoken. This whole article sums up our silliness precisely. It is wholly disingenuous for the legislators to try and put the blame for our gas price woes on the backs of the oil companies. The reason for it is US! We have been electing the idiots that have us boxed in by regulations and that have seated activist federal judges.

It comes from years of proselytizing and propagandizing in our schools by the environmental nazis. They have convinced the kids (who are now the grown-ups) that the worst thing you can do is harm the earth. As a retired pastor friend of mine puts it, “the ten commandments have been replaced by one – Thou shalt do no harm to the environment”. Now all their Manchurian Candidates respond by being shamed into submission when their handlers proclaim an environmental emergency.

Thanks to China Confidential for this well put piece.

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