Multiple Prizes Are Awarded

The Discerning Texan gets the prize. There are so many choice pieces on here that I could not choose. I’ll let you have a go at it. Here they are:

1. UPDATED Finally, the Republicans Grow a Pair on Drilling

(Now all they have to do is convince the Dems to go against all the environmental organization’s lawyers and lobbyists.)

2. Public Opinion: Drill NOW

(When did the Dems ever listen to public opinion?)

3. UPDATED WHO: No AIDS Pandemic for Heterosexuals

(Now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve blown the whistle on both the AIDS scam AND the global warming scam, all in the same article.)

4. Iraqi Sunni Sheik Leader Offers to help fight Osama in Afghanistan

(More heresy. You’re supposed to act like the MSM and keep hushed up now that things are snowballing for the coalition. You might make Bush look like a fairly decent president. That would negate all the work you’ve done for all these years to make him look evil, duplicitous and out-of-touch.)

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One comment on “Multiple Prizes Are Awarded

  1. Thanks for noticing! And thanks especially for serving. Semper Fi.

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