I put the title in caps because I want you to imagine me yelling it at you. I know some of you have gotten your pantyhose in a wad about the oil companies and their supposed “gouging” of us consumers. I mentioned in another post a few days ago about the environmental groups and their phalanxes of lawyers and lobbyists in Washington. Here is another very good article at I have a news flash for those of you that are  down on the oil companies supposed “windfall profits”. THE OIL COMPANIES WILL MAKE A PROFIT WHETHER THE PRICE OF OIL IS $50.00/BBL OR $150.00/BBL!

The name of the game is now and always has been – power. The enviros have been gathering it for years. Their first big conquest was over the Ozone hole (scam). They really began to flex their muscles after that. Then the endangered species act gave them a strong PR lever to pull whenever they wanted to tweak the publics guilt over a (possibly) disappearing species. The fear factor was employed to make people believe that if one species, such as the blind cave spider in central Texas was to disappear that it would be the start of a landslide that would doom all of society as we know it. And we bought into it. Partly because for years that propaganda has been fed to the school kids over and over and over. “We must not do anything to harm the environment” “The environment is holy” “Gaia must be worshipped”. Now all that the greenie-weenies have to do is say the magic phrase, “This is bad for the environment” and all their (now grown up) Manchurian Candidates nod their collective heads and say, “Oh yes, we must not do anything to harm the environment”.

Wake up, people. You’re being scammed again. The greenie-weenies love to hear you rail against the oil companies. They can take that to the bank. It takes the heat off of them. After all, they’re all mom and apple pie and the flag and doin’ it for the kids.

BTW, JunkScience is a good site to stay tuned in to. Steven Milloy has all kind of good stuff on there. He’s a big GW skeptic.

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