Environmentalists Have Congress By The Short Hairs!

This article states what we have been preaching for a long time. Every bit of blame can be put on the major environmental groups. They have wormed their way into the national psyche bit-by-bit until it seems that the only sin a person can commit any more is one against the environment. They have been aided and abetted by the schools where they have been preaching social change for decades. They have produced a bunch of Manchurian Candidates that now will knee-jerk respond to the key words “green” or “diversity”.

Dr. Williams does a wonderful job of stating the cause. Thanks to Townhall.com for publishing it. You won’t see this anywhere else.


When Will People Learn (about the GW hoax)?

And yet another article about the findings of some learned people about the world’s biggest ever scam. What keeps people invested in this craziness? Are there that many that are poised to make a large sum of money off of this? (Besides Al Gore, that is.) Is it scientific illiteracy? What?

This is at the Intellectual Conservative. Also see Greenie Watch for some good stuff on the GW debunking.

The “Patients Action Network” And Your Own Personal Shaft

I apologize for the disjointedness of this piece. It’s the only way I can think of to do it. I wanted you to see what special interest groups are doing to exalt themselves and their constituencies (financial supporters) and, maybe, see how you and I get shafted on the outcome. First read the email from the AMA (slyly titled site) “Patients Action Network”. Notice that it is only for the “patients”, not the doctors. Oh no, perish the thought. Then you can read my reply to the “Patients Action Network” in the space between the dotted-line delimiters. Then, for a counterpoint, go to this site and read the press release from the White House that explains why the President vetoed the act in the first place. It’s all a little microcosm of how things are done in Foggy Bottom and why we are getting the shaft because we don’t have a “Patients Action Network” to spread around campaign contributions and lobby the members. (You can also lay this template right over the environmental whacko groups and see why we’re not drilling offshore or other places in our country where there is abundant oil!)

Have a Happy Political Season!


No. Thank YOU for pushing for a plan that will take money and benefits away from Medicare recipients and damage the Medicare drug plan in order to get a quick fix for your constituents. Are you going to be back in 2020 with your hand out for more?
Shame on you.
I have to say you did a great job of spinning this bill. I’m just sorry you were successful in spreading your political contributions around to the right people.
I will be thanking the lawmakers who voted “no” and that stood up for fiscal responsibily and long term benefits for medicare receivers. I have decided, as a result of your action on this bill, that I will not be unsubscribing from your newsletter. I need to know what to vote against in the future.
(This is being published in my blog.)
On Jul 17, 2008, at 10:13 AM, AMA Patients’ Action Network wrote:

Dear John:

By now you know the great news—Congress heard the voices of patients and doctors around the country and voted Tuesday to override President Bush’s veto of H.R. 6331 and preserve access to health care for millions of Americans.

To override a veto, two-thirds of those present in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate must vote “yes.” The magic number needed to override in the House was 285; 65 were needed in the Senate. Thanks to your efforts, the motion to override the veto of H.R. 6331 passed overwhelmingly in the House, 383-41, and by 70-26 in the Senate!

On the day of the veto alone, you and your fellow Patients’ Action Network activists sent over 35,000 e-mails to Congress—with only a few hours notice! Since the cuts were scheduled to go into effect (July 1) until the day they were stopped (July 15), more than 8,500 phone calls were made and 87,000 messages sent to Congress. You are a powerful voice in Washington, D.C., and we appreciate your efforts to get this bill passed!

See how your representative and senators voted, then please take a moment to thank those lawmakers who voted “yes” and stood up for doctors, seniors and our military families. You can use our Patients’ Action Network toll-free hotline at (888) 434-6200.

This Just Gets More Ridiculous

The enviro-whackos are laughing up their sleeves. They are giving choruses of “We told you so!”. The confounding part of it is that they have caused the problem. This article which comes from Casey’s Research illustrates a little talked about aspect of the “energy crisis”, that being the shortage of heating oil. Why do we have a shortage? Because the above-mentioned whackos have cut off drilling anywhere there’s oil in the U.S. and refuse to allow it. They are convinced they are doing us a favor by forcing us to get off the oil train. Do you feel like you are being done a favor? Neither do I. Thank your congress-weenie when you see them. Tell them how much you like being ripped off. Then thank them for not spending your money on alternative energy  research and spending it on Chocolate City recovery (all those mobile homes sitting in a vacant lot in the midwest somewhere). Never fear, though. Nancy will save us all. She wants us to drain the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I wish somebody would drain her.

A Truly Sad Situation

It saddens me to write about this. I fear that this is only a precursor of things that may come to pass. I have been convinced for some time that BHO is a very dangerous individual but it seems that even his supporters are as/more dangerous. I am talking about an article that appeared in THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS about a blog that shut down after threats to the blogger. The blog was talking about the now-determined-to-be-fake birth certificate that was presented that shows BHO to be a citizen by birth. The accusation that is on the table is that he is not a natural citizen and, therefore, ineligible to run for President. Wouldn’t that be a bombshell?

This raises memories of the jack-booted brown shirts in Nazi Germany that would strongarm any resistance to Hitler and force them to submit or shut up. Have we come to this?

Surprise! Surprise! We’re Winning Iraq!

At least that’s the news in the foreign press. Investor’s Business Daily has an article here on the news and their dismay on the lack of reportage in this country. This is such a shame. The American media is totally given over to politics. To banner news such as this would give aid and comfort to the enemy. At least it would be A & C to THEIR enemy, which is George W. Bush and the conservative right in this country. It goes along with their burying of any negative news about the Obamessiah and pushing his name and smug puss everywhere while they suppress and softpedal anything about McCain or George Bush. I hope and pray that enough people will see through this awful exhibition of partisanship from a sector that is supposed to be impartial. I would love to see it stuffed back down their throat in November.