A Truly Sad Situation

It saddens me to write about this. I fear that this is only a precursor of things that may come to pass. I have been convinced for some time that BHO is a very dangerous individual but it seems that even his supporters are as/more dangerous. I am talking about an article that appeared in THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS about a blog that shut down after threats to the blogger. The blog was talking about the now-determined-to-be-fake birth certificate that was presented that shows BHO to be a citizen by birth. The accusation that is on the table is that he is not a natural citizen and, therefore, ineligible to run for President. Wouldn’t that be a bombshell?

This raises memories of the jack-booted brown shirts in Nazi Germany that would strongarm any resistance to Hitler and force them to submit or shut up. Have we come to this?

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2 comments on “A Truly Sad Situation

  1. Ogre says:

    Yes. Yes we have. Welcome to today’s Democrat political machine.

  2. Robert Lewis says:

    Martin Nesbitt, treasurer of the Obama campaign (Obama is godfather to his son): His personal tax lien, his corporation’s tax liens and more


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