This Just Gets More Ridiculous

The enviro-whackos are laughing up their sleeves. They are giving choruses of “We told you so!”. The confounding part of it is that they have caused the problem. This article which comes from Casey’s Research illustrates a little talked about aspect of the “energy crisis”, that being the shortage of heating oil. Why do we have a shortage? Because the above-mentioned whackos have cut off drilling anywhere there’s oil in the U.S. and refuse to allow it. They are convinced they are doing us a favor by forcing us to get off the oil train. Do you feel like you are being done a favor? Neither do I. Thank your congress-weenie when you see them. Tell them how much you like being ripped off. Then thank them for not spending your money on alternative energy  research and spending it on Chocolate City recovery (all those mobile homes sitting in a vacant lot in the midwest somewhere). Never fear, though. Nancy will save us all. She wants us to drain the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I wish somebody would drain her.

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